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Posted By: Severn
28-Jun-19 - 11:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: Rap for emperor
Subject: RE: BS: Rap for emperor
What is the worth of a squatter on Imperial Lands? Will there be an official redefining of "Squatters' Rights?.

Also, take into mind what many people do in emergencies while they squat. I would hope that the results would not be used as currency, even if left to harden for awhile. People would be saying things like,

"Yer squat ain't shit an' yer shit ain't squat!" y

....though it can be used as fertilizer. Since animals do it regularly, and even the Pope has been known to shit in the woods, there would be danger of counterfeiting.Banks would be places to "get your shit togerhet. There would be problems enforcing Law and Odor with both savings and spending, deposits and withdrawals (or even withdrawal symptoms) or in times of panic, a run on the banks. Would Imperial Squat be worth more than Common Squat? What about the squat of the elderly? Depends, I guess.....

For a welcome change of subject, since our neighbors over in the Land of Oz have their beautiful green Emerald City for their capital, why should we be outdone. I propose a new and equally colorful capital named for our Beloved Emporer, "Rap City In Blue"......