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Posted By: Severn
29-Jun-19 - 12:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Rap for emperor
Subject: RE: BS: Rap for emperor
We could have a contest to determine how far a pea fowl could be thrown, live or dead, kind of the Game (Bird) of Thrown, made required weekly viewing on KRAP, the official Faux News Network outlet. If we can find a way of keeping them from making any noise, we can keep a few of the birds around for decorations, but they emit a noise that makes the screams from Jenny G's torture chamber sound like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. A few of the overly vain peacocks to look beautiful to the people and a few of the more drab pea hens to look beautiful to the peacocks. If three get to be too many of them, just as in the case of the late Mr. Dumpty, all the kings horses and men shall have omelets or we donate any surplus offspring to The Games......