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Posted By: DMcG
30-Jun-19 - 02:19 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
As one who thinks we should have remained, and as a poor second to keep as closely aligned the the EU as possible, I don't think it is up to me to point out some possible benefits of Brexit. But since no-one else is, here are a couple that could come about. I am not saying they will, but they could.

(a) All pro-Brexiteers talk about getting trade deals far and wide, and all remainers talk about the importance to EU trade. In terms of environmental considerations, there is something to be said for having less international trade - less aviation pollution, for example.and less waste- the fast fashion may be hard hit, but wearing a tee shirt more often is not inherently a bad thing. Of course, even a 40% rise in costs moves a £10 item to £14, so it is quite possible this just continues. For some time I have been thinking about protectionism as a mechanism for protecting the environment rather than primarily jobs, and it could have a role to play, I feel.

(b) IA while ago I was talking to a local cheese maker who is very small scale - perhapa a hundred chees sales a month.They cheeses are Camembert-Brie style, and mainly sold to the middle classes because of the high cost, relative to supermarket equivalents. He was very happy with the idea that French cheese was more expensive due to tariffs as it opened opportunities for him. He was considering expanding if the market looked right.

(c). In a similar vein, while UK companies that trade internationally may be hard hit, those who trade solely in the UK could do well because of high tariff and waste-avoidance pressures. Of course, should the tariffs be low, or zero, the opposite applies.

Naturally, these local companies rely on having customers with money, so if there are high tariffs there could be a gradual loss if the people employed by international companies lose jobs and then because of their having less to spend the local traders lose customers .. a trickle down effect which may actually happen. Numerically are vastly more such local traders than international companies, though of course they tend to empty very few if any staff, whereas the international companies often employ thousands.