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27-Jul-19 - 03:24 PM
Thread Name: Info: The Shanty Book (Richard Runciman Terry)
Subject: RE: Info: The Shanty Book (Richard Runciman Terry)
from the Shanty Book Part II

(Introduction)As I am shortly publishing a historical and critical study of sea shanties , there is no necessity for this introduction to be other than brief

(Notes to shanty #34) Rather than delay the publication of this collection, i will hold the matter over and publish the results in my forthcoming book (referred to in the introduction) on the shanty. (page xi)

This was published in 1926, but the only other book in that period, 1927, Beyond Music's Borders was only an anthology of articles, reviews and essays done for two magazines and there was only a 4 page article about his interview of an aged sailor and his lament that someone needed to collect from these old men before it was too late and compile a definitive study of shanties.

So we are left with the mystery of what happened... the 1931 Curwin volume on Sea Songs and Ballads has a list of their other offerings and only parts 1 & 2 of the shanty book are listed along with various sheet music arrangements from Terry and another...

I've found nothing from Unwin, the publishers of Beyond Music's Borders ... and the other possibility is Routledge, but I've found nothing there so far... Terry made a voyage to Australia and returned in early 1938, only to get sick and die within a few months time.

anyone have any idaes where else to look?