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Posted By: Iains
08-Aug-19 - 05:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: Is this Brexit 4?
Subject: RE: BS: Is this Brexit 4?
I think I would prefer the army to a committed marxist. But many a slip
'twixt the cup and lip. There are many permutations on how it could all pan out, The real question to be answered, in terms of the referendum result, what is a legitimate course of action? Primacy of parliament was clearly devolved to the people for the referendum to occur.
You and I both know that to disregard it by terming it "advisory" will simply not wash, primarily for the reasons I outlined above. In my view and in the view of the majority all your arguments disputing brexit lack validity for the simple reason we operate on majority rule.
The fact that apparently many MPs stood for leave when were clearly closet remainers merely outlines major flaws in the power of the electorate to dismiss cheats and liars. You can argue your position until the cows come home but your stance is to usurp democracy by relying on dishonest MPs that stood for re election under false pretenses. That is a fact!
If I had my way I would bang them all up for malfeasance