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Posted By: Iains
08-Aug-19 - 07:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: Is this Brexit 4?
Subject: RE: BS: Is this Brexit 4?
The dominant theme of the last election was Brexit, as has been pointed out many times. The brexit vote was won by a majority of those enfranchised. That is a fact!
Leave         17,410,742         51.89%
Remain         16,141,241         48.11%
Valid votes         33,551,983         99.92%
Invalid or blank votes         25,359         0.08%
Total votes         33,577,342         100.00%
Registered voters/turnout         46,500,001         72.21% Facts

Trying to justify your arguments by talking about a mythical 33.3% is pure delusion. Babes in arms have no vote, neither do ghosts, neither do those that did not make it to a ballot box. Time to get real!
Leave won. A simple vote in or out. No need for explanation from me, just consult the results!

The explanation required is why democracy should be overturned because you cannot accept the outcome of a vote by the people. An explanation is required why many MPs stood dishonestly on a leave ticket in the last election when their sole objective was to defy the people and overturn the referendum result.
Brexiteers can hold their heads up high, it is remainers trying to subvert democracy. Why are they doing this, and what gives them the right?
The argument that MPs have changed their minds may have had a degree of merit until the 2017 election. I cannot accept they have changed their minds since as project fear started on the 27th June 2016. Almost a year for all the "issues" to be thoroughly discussed.
Those treacherous MPs who stood on a leave ticket and have since been trojan horses should be consigned to the augean stables where they belong. Their careers are likely terminated come the next election, the only problem is how much damage will they do in the meantime.