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Posted By: Jim Carroll
08-Aug-19 - 09:34 AM
Thread Name: BS: Is this Brexit 4?
Subject: RE: BS: Is this Brexit 4?
Populism worksd on the basis of using people's dissatisfaction
THIS MAN PUT IT IN A NUTSHEL OVER HALF A CENTURY AGO when he wrote, "we have to change things if we want things to remain the same" - a different tactic to maintain the status quo.

In Ireland we have referenda to change major issues - and they have
We also have a PR system that to a large degree prevents the excesses of the 'first past the post' system - and it does

Continuing to rely on a Parliamentary system that has developed a deep mistrust, even a contempt in politics and politicians is playing into theuir hands and keeping them were they are - it's as simple as that
Jim carroll