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Posted By: Iains
10-Aug-19 - 04:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: Is this Brexit 4?
Subject: RE: BS: Is this Brexit 4?
Brexiteers take comfort in the assurances of the pig's head-screwing Bullingdon hooray-Henry that the referendum result was an "instruction"

I do admire a cogent well constructed argument. You always know when lefties have lost the argument, the insults start flying! The electorate expect their instructions to be followed.
As I quoted previously 'it is the people who control the Government, not the Government the people'. Both blair and brown promised a referendum and reneged, Cameron followed through. Compo does not appear to even know what day it is any more, if his deputy needs to put him in a taxi to the palace for an attempted coup.(I cannot see that turning out too well)
This argument about the referendum being advisory is getting tedious.
Article 50 was voted for by a huge majority. A general election was held with both major parties standing for leave. Now when our departure is on the wire the rabid remainiacs are still bleating 'not fair.'
You lost! After three years you really must get used to the idea. Your counter arguments are fatuous, vacuous and totally without substance.
Even ST. Gina has become the patron saint of lost causes.
This is what happens when reality collides with lefty la-la land.
Go hug a tree and console yourself man,and do not forget the sandals and rose tinted glasses so you may commune with nature more easily.
Meanwhile we brexiteers have urgent work to do, figuring out ways to scupper froggy fishing boats for a starters!

Tic toc, Tic toc!