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Posted By: Jim Carroll
11-Aug-19 - 10:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit V. The umpire strikes back...
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit V. The umpire strikes back...
" Law enforcement doesn't."
Johnson is now using the idea of a general election to force through Brexit - he is in a win-win position either way
Even if Brexit gets through, there will have to be a General election - Johnson hasn't even got the respect of his own members and General Elections to career politicians are their bread and butter - they will fall into line
Race, law and order, bribes to sympathetic groups like DUP and LAW AND ORDER have now become an essential part of the armoury of the right in Britain - as they have in the US alongside building walls and carrying guns - all essential bait for populism
It was expected that Johnson would re-introduce Capital Punishment when he was elected PM - he hasn't yet, but he refused to rule it out - all good stuff for lynch-mob populism
Do not rule out any of these things - they are all like to be major issues in the near future