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Posted By: Jim Carroll
12-Aug-19 - 06:39 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit V. The umpire strikes back...
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit V. The umpire strikes back...
"Why should I be able to do better."
People here have been suggesting alternatives to what should be happening in the light of what IS ALREADY happening and the Brexiteers refuse even to discuss the subject Nigel
The democratic idea of putting the subject to the country again to see if the minority that voted to leave would still wish to, or those who didn't vote would now do so now
That for me, seems to be the very obvious step to take - if the people's decision is paramount, whatever the consequences, why isn't it important enough to ask them again?

Again, it would be helpful if Brexiteers actually addressed the obvious damage that is being done -including the possible breaking up of the United Kingdom
Here in Ireland we are beginning to experience the rumblings of violence that was gradually being sorted out by various parties - bow re-opened by Brexit
Instead of addressing this, your leaders are blaming the backstop for yor not being able to leave and demanding it be removed
Why will you not debate those issues.

The deliberate obfuscation, dodging responsibility, evasion and open dishonesty connected to Brexit has now reached lethal proportiions - and still you pass the buck
Bexit has become as long running as any farce put in at the Whitehall Theater - you and yours have made a laughing stock of Britain - and the joke is becoming sicker and sicker by the day
Jim Carroll