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Posted By: Jon Freeman
12-Aug-19 - 01:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit V. The umpire strikes back...
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit V. The umpire strikes back...
It’s really too bad the UK has no place for you to hang out. We've lost most Americans, the Germans, the French, the Japanese, and Chinese, and most others who used to be here, so you at least, aren't completely ineffective.

Not sure I agree with you there, Jeri. Ill health and even passing away have taken their toll down the   bottom and, like it or not (and its not my way), newer Internet things including Facebook have proved better for most and non folk interests. There was a time when I felt that (and argued about….) a lot of old rows (remember the prayer for a mouse thread…) could be sorted by trying to provide an alternative area or indeed with the BS split here but that’s not really how things worked out. I’d tend towards a lot of “natural progression” that would have happened regardless on that

That said, I (firmly on the remain side of things but fearing we will wind up with a no deal exit) do not view the MC threads as being helpful either in terms of the political problems or in terms of a friendlier “below the line”