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Posted By: Iains
12-Aug-19 - 02:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit V. The umpire strikes back...
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit V. The umpire strikes back...
Mr Carroll you have been asked many times to justify your insulting labeling of people. You have yet to rise to the challenge. It has got to the stage where everyone is beginning to believe your labels.
a sample of your epithets thrown at me:
a racist
far right extremist.

I ask again, show me my words that deserve those labels, not those words you think I said.

It seems that recently all attempts to defend myself have been deleted on this forum while the insults arrive faster and more furious.
The reality is that when a subject is posted you do not like you attack the author because you lack the nous to counter the argument. Just look at yourr eaction when Guido is mentioned. You have yet to identify errors in his articles, despite repeated requests. There are a few of you lefties follow the same road. Think how you all would squeal if I regularly attacked the extremist rag the Guardian. You do not have God on your side, you do not even have a majority on your side. By every metric you have lost. Leavers were and still are the majority and your constant vacuous arguments will not alter that fact.