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Posted By: Backwoodsman
12-Aug-19 - 02:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit V. The umpire strikes back...
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit V. The umpire strikes back...
I don’t believe there’s any reason to ban anyone. Dealing with abusive trolls is very easy - don’t read their posts or, if you do, don’t respond to them.

It’s there for all to read in the ‘Dealing With Flamers & Trolls’ section in Forum FAQs:-

”the best way to deal with both flamers and trolls is to ignore them. Give them silence, and they'll go away. They feed on attention - don't give it to them.”

All it takes is a bit of will-power. Ignoring those who don’t deserve one’s attention is very liberating. And, of course, by not ‘getting involved’ in the shenanigans, it very quickly becomes perfectly clear who actually is a ‘bad guy’ and who isn’t, and it makes the Mods’ job much more straightforward.

I recommend everyone to try it.