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Posted By: leeneia
13-Aug-19 - 01:37 AM
Thread Name: BS: Recipes - what are we eating?
Subject: RE: BS: Recipes - what are we eating?
Mrrzy - loved your avocado joke. How true.

My tomatoes have not been ripening. A website says it's because the weather here is too hot. (Never heard of that one!) But I collected several as a test and have put them on the wide windowsill along with an apple to supply ethelyne gas. They said to put them in a brown paper bag, but if I did that, I would forget to check them.

Wish me luck. My own theory is that we are going on a trip in two weeks, so they are waiting for us to go out of town, and then they will turn a beautiful ripe red and be devoured by squirrels.

Maybe tomorrow would be a good day for fried green tomatoes.

Slice green tomatoes about 1/2 inch thick.
Melt butter in a skillet.
Dip tomatoes in corn starch.
Fry tomatoes in hot butter till outside is crisp and inside is soft.
Grate a little pepper on top.

If you have never had them, green tomatoes are tart. They make a nice contrast to mild foods like chicken.