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Posted By: Bill D
14-Aug-19 - 04:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: Sexual Misdemeanours
Subject: RE: BS: Sexual Misdemeanours
I just mentally composed about 3-4 comments on this subject.... all from different perspectives... and I couldn't see how to shorten any of them to make a clear, simple point. (the following, I assure you, IS an edited and shortened form of 60 years of reflection on it all. ?). I am unable right now to join those who can create clever, humorous comments. I'm not condemning jokes... I'm just overwhelmed by the number of recent cases involving celebrities whose behavior has made this such a public spectacle.

The problem is, human sexual attitudes and pressures... and resultant behaviors... are maddeningly complex.
'Most' issues are about male behavior, and there are biological explanations for the basic drives... but permissible actions are dependent on different cultural norms and laws that try to define and regulate them. But within any system, there are men who try to subjectively 'adapt' the rules... and women who either submit to pressure, or demand that men follow both thew law AND their personal wishes.... and then there are infinite gradations in personal attitudes in both men & women.

There is 'simple showing interest'...................... and forcible rape. And somewhere on that line are 'misdemeanors'. Al Franken and Placido Domingo are somewhere on that line, and perhaps most males have been, at a minimum, near the left end. Bill Cosby and Epstein... and Trump are right at the far right end.... but even that end has branches to refer to gross, criminal behavior of different sorts.

When accusations are made, some of them are just about unwanted, unpleasant advances, as in Franken and Domingo, and some are about obviously criminal behavior if substantiated. Some women are fairly adept at rejecting advances, and some, whether out of confusion, fear or calculated risk, don't bother.
To complicate it all further, when complaints are filed, some are treated seriously and some are not, depending on police, prosecutors, and eventually judges. There is NO doubt that some male prosecutors and judges have memories of their own transgressions of earlier times and make decisions on the subjective "they were asking for it" or "it's only natural urges" or "no lasting harm done" rationalizations.

   What has happened recently is publicity in the media that both allows women to TELL their stories and provides support and confirmation OF the ubiquitous nature of such careless or dangerous male behavior.
Nothing will ever solve the root nature of sexual pressures and desires, but it seems the floodgates are open a bit to head society into a new admission that the issue cannot be swept under the rug any longer.