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Posted By: Jim Carroll
17-Aug-19 - 12:33 PM
Thread Name: Chris Barber retires
Subject: RE: Chris Barber retires
"potential superstardom of Lonnie Donegan "
It never fails to fill me with a mixture of amusement and depression when I read fanzine stuff like this - it really is the stuff Hello Magazine is fileld with
I still love Colyers rawness - I always have
The joy the jazz scene before it was turned into a commodity was its wonderful variation Humph, Barber, Colyer, and the rest - all great but all different
I don't care why Cloyer fell out with people any more than I acre whether Barber punched Monty Sunshine because he was making the beast with two backs with Ottilie Paterson - their music was great and for me, that's what counts
We have an interesting article by (I think) Bert Lloyd, which describes how merchant seaman Colyer jumped ship in New Orleans and sat with the best of the bluesman to learn his craft
He brought some of the Library of Congress recordings back home with him which helped give a kick-start to the Folk Song revival
That, for me, entitles him to a place at the right hand of Big Bill any day
Jim Carroll