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Posted By: Jim Carroll
19-Aug-19 - 02:54 AM
Thread Name: Chris Barber retires
Subject: RE: Chris Barber retires
"Exactly Jim just GOSSIP and nearly sixty years on you are still "
You have only just heard about it so how do you know it's "gossip"
You are the one who is prolonging this discussion so it's yuo who is spreading it
I raised the matter once because I read about it and believed it at the time - jut like you, I had no reason not to
Let's leave it there before it develops into an argument on what has been a pleasant thread - eh ?
I always liked and respected Colyer and the side of jazz he stood for, that hasn't stopped people undermining that respect

The Jazz Scene was very like the folk scene in some respects - it divided when it caught the attention of the music industry
I was a traditionalist; I wasn't particularly enamoured when some of the bands dressed up in monkey-suits and funny hats - when lesser-talented bands started to hit the big-time.
Yes - parts of the jazz scene 'sold out' their music; many didn't
I loved Donegan's singing of 'No Cane on the Brazos'. and detested crap like 'Nobody Loves Like an Irishman'
Thanks to the fact that it is now possible to get many of the long deleted recordings, I can judge which stood the test of time and which became quaint curiosities after the predatory music industry was finished with it and spat it out.

For me, jazz was my first experience of live music played well - I cherish that introduction - it gave me a foothold into an active and fulfilling life.