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Posted By: Jim Carroll
19-Aug-19 - 06:27 AM
Thread Name: Chris Barber retires
Subject: RE: Chris Barber retires
You are turning this into a nasty spat now Hoot - shame on you
Can I remind you of a friend of mine who I admire as a singer, who wrote more songs than anybody in the reb=vavl and who dis far more research on the art of singing folk songs than anybody I know
Despite being dead for over three decades, the very mention of his name brings forth a torrent of abused based purely on "gossip"
Any chance of ever discussing this artists work without the abuse has long been an impossibility (not that I'm accusing you of being guilty of such a thing - heaven forfend!)
I mention one single story which I believe to be true, about a man I admire and the shrieks of protest can be heard from here to High Holborn
Please don't make this something it wasn't intended to be - this thread is afr too enjoyable a romp though a pleasurable past