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Posted By: Iains
28-Aug-19 - 04:15 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Good to see the level of hysteria rising among the remainiacs as the clock continues to run down.
The latest cunning plan from those unable to accept the majority vote is to attempt to arrange a coup and usurp the government's role.
Steptoe senior, the most toxic political figure in the land, is having none of that though. Even the church is getting involved. The game plan seems to be squabble, squabble, toil and trouble. I suspect Carey has just ignited a fuse under the Church of England that he will learn to rue.
The two sides of the divide are quite simple to understand:
Leave won the vote and all who support democracy accept that, no matter what side of the divide they inhabit.
A hardcore of remainiacs just cannot accept the will of the majority carries the day, whether it comprises a majority of one, a thousand, a million, ten million. That is the whole basis of democracy. Do they seriously think they can thwart the will of the majority. Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. The remainiacs had better be aware that the level of rage that will surface should they frustrate Brexit will be of a level never seen in their lifetimes, Remainiacs are ready to risk all to ensure that their minority view prevails.

not often I link to the mail but the article below spells out the situation very clearly. Contrary to the impression gained on Mudcat, Brexiteers won the referendum clearly and unequivocally. Endless bleating from the vociferous on here and their continual attempts to silence all opposition change the facts not one iota. Very clearly the remainiacs are attempting to subvert Democracy, no other explanation is possible.

ps continually questioning the validity of yougov polls is rather a wasted effort. Yougove adheres to the same rules as all the other major polling companies. If you attempted to understand my links you would know this. Continually attacking their polls is asinine. Howsabout arguing Tuesday is wednesday? a far more fruitful endeavour!