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Posted By: Jim Carroll
30-Aug-19 - 04:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Rain Dog
In my experience of referenda in Ireland, some of which have changed the direction of the country in ways never imagined, they were conducted responsibly and openly enough to have been said that they reached a fair decision - open debate on clearly presented facts and arguments
This was never the case with Brexit - iven the press were up in arms that there was no plan beyond "let's get out"
This is why Farage's 'Rivers of Blood' poster won hands down - with the appalling results it incited
Now the facts of what is likely to happen have been made clear (according to Gove, they have always been available), it shows that the referendum was not conducted correctly - how could a people to be asked to vote with on the basis of suppressed information ?
The divisions that Brexit will bring (and is already about) can only get worse as they begin to bit into the communities relying on work
The UK is on the brink of falling apart, the people are divided, businesses are taking their investments elsewhere (notably Rees-Mogg and Dyson), and the older industries are continuing to collapse - Shipping is all but gone, Thatcher killed of mining, wwe are buying our textiles from the poorest countries while at the same time turning away their refugees and economic migrants.

I live in Ireland and am watching a steady rise in sectarian tensions in the North - one of the legal challenges is that a Hard Brexit breaches the Good Friday Agreement
The predicted 20 years it will take to clean up the mess of Brexit in increasing every time another problem emerges

If that's what the people want - fine - what can you do other than to accept it ?
To find that out will take another vote - that is common sense democracy, but one of the prerequisites of that vote should be to remove the hate aspect that skirted on the firinges of legality last time
Jim Carroll