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Thread Name: Origins: Johnson Boys/Johnson Gals
Subject: RE: Origins: Johnson Boys/Johnson Gals
A minstrel-show forebear, from The United States Songster (Cincinnati: U. P. James, 1836), pp. 204-206:

                                           De Carolinia [sic] Crew.

Cum all ye Virginia gals and listen to my noise,
Nebber do you wed wid de Carolinia boys ;
For if dat you do, your fortune it shall be,
Corn cakes and hommony, and Jango-lango tea.
                   Singing, Mamselle Marie, chee bone cum saw,
                   Mamselle Marie, oh chee bone cum saw.

Dey take you an' place you on Jango-lango hill,
Dare dey make you work an' you tarry to your will;
You work all day your fingers to de quick,
Den you trable o'er de groun' like a crooked maplestick.
                   Singing Mamselle, &c.

O, ebery night, jist before we go to bed,
We build up a fire dat is higher dan our head,
We open de ashes, an' in dem we trow
De stuff dat we call dar, dough, gals, dough.
                   Singing Mamselle, &c.

We had a little cow, an' we milk her in a gourd,
We put it in de corner, an’ kiver'd wid a board;
An' dat am de way we used for to do,
Wen I lib'd along wid de Carolinia crew.
                   Singing Mamselle, &c

Buckskins an’ moccasin to a high degree,
Den we go a courtin' de pretty gals to see;
De fus word dey say wen we do set down,
Is haze aroun' de Johny-cake, its bakin' mos too brown.
                   Singing Mamselle, &c.

Some hab de moccasin, an’ some he hab none,
Dem wat hab de pair ob boots he tinks himself fun,
Wid de big brass buttons an' a long tail blue,
Why dem are de dandies ob de Carolinia crew.
                   Singing Mamselle, &c.

Wen I was a slave, some leben years ago,
Ole Massa gib me shoble, a rake an' a hoe,
But I told him smack, it neber would do,
For I was bound to shine 'mong de Carolinia crew.
                   Singing Mamselle, &c.

Den Massa he git mad, an' he hit me on de head,
An' den I tumble down an’ make him 'blieve I dead,
But wen he go away, den I lumber'd up an' flew,
An'got aboard de boat wid de Carolinia crew.
                   Singing Mamselle, &c.

I shook hands wid de crew upon de Uncle Sam,
Miss Dinah gib me bacon, Sam Johnson gib me dram.
An' dat is de way we used for to do,
Wen dey got a volunteer to de Carolinia crew.
                   Singing Mamselle, &c.

Oh de Carolinia crew am a monstrous tall crowd,
Dey walks in de Hubanas, and dey dresses up loud
An' wen dey're on a spree, mind I tells you.
You'd better meet de debbil dan dat Carolinia crew
                   Singing Mamselle, &c.