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Posted By: Iains
07-Sep-19 - 04:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: India moon landing
Subject: RE: BS: India moon landing
Science goes it's own way. The technology spin off from a lunar landing project is immense. Science brings benefits and drawbacks and advances knowledge. Nuclear bombs, microwave cookers, cellphones, etc,etc. All fallout from WW2. Britain's TSR2 and Bluestreak were projects initiated when the UK was still subject to post war rationing.
Would we have our present knowledge of climate change without tools and techniques derived from wartime research?
Should Europeans and Americans have such a high standard of living when millions starve in the third world?
It could be argued there are misplaced priorities all over the planet, but conversely without prioritization we would likely still be rubbing sticks together to start a fire.
It is not a binary answer and how do you know it is simply a wasteful prestige project?