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Posted By: RichM
18-Feb-01 - 09:09 AM
Thread Name: How many Mudcats have cats!?
Subject: RE: How many Mudcats have cats!?
I have four Catz: all strays, arrived at various times, kind of like the story of the Hobbits, who came to the fire one at a time as a story was told---so as not to overwhelm the host!

Olive,14 was first,as a 4 month old stray from the Humane society. Took her home, and she promptly developed pneumonia; the humane society offered to exchange her, but I knew they might put her down. I kept her and nursed her back to health.
Like Sorcha's Millie, Olive is a paranoid schizo who lives in the basement and only comes upstairs for meals.

The second arrival was Ninja: all black except for a white necktie. He arrived as a 6 month old (now 12 years old). He had been hanging around Rasputin's café-the local folk music venue-being fed by softhearted Helen, the proprietor.
He is a true gentlemen, kind and even tempered. Awesome spiritual being! He teaches me how to be patient and loving.
Frisky: aka "the furry basketball" is the vocal one. Also 12 years old.Exuberant, dominant, and very mouthy. Hates harmonicas, clanking cutlery,loves to join in with Sue's penny whistle solos.

Last but pushing hard for dominance in the house pecking order, is a tortoiseshell: Daisy (also called Marguerite, french translation).
Daisy is 3 years old, and the most active. Also very vocal, and acts as household guard. She's the first to investigate strange noises. Daisy is a trickster, always annoying the other cats, and getting into shortlived hit and run squabbles.
Olive is the bedwarmer, will stay cuddled for hours--if I go and retrieve her from the basement.The others are lapvisitors, particularly when I am at the computer.

I've a fenced back yard, with a self designed angled netting to keep them from getting out, and other cats from getting in. They have the run of the yard except in winter when they refuse to go out for more than 75 seconds at a time.
All are good companions for this stay at home (retired)dad/husband.