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Posted By: robomatic
07-Sep-19 - 02:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit 'Take Back Control' D Cummings
Subject: BS: BXIT 'TAKE BACK CONTROL' D Cummings
The New York Times has an opinion piece centered on Dominic Cummings, who is probably unknown to the bulk of Americans even if they are concerned with the current pandemonium regarding Brexit in the U.K.

He is apparently a man of the single idea.

The author of the New York Times article mentions:

"Mr. Cummings, a spindly, socially diffident, unsmiling figure, spoke next. He was emphatic, evocative. He talked about pride, independence, nationhood, sovereignty, dignity, making our own laws and decisions.

I detested Brexit and all it stood for, but I was captivated. Mr. Cummings was making it sound like the noble path. I came home anxious and uneasy. Remainers were way ahead in the polls, but would they come up with something effective to combat the deep emotions that Mr. Cummings’s campaign was tapping into?

They never did. Mr. Cummings went on to drive Brexit, pushing it to a narrow victory against huge internal opposition, by focusing aggressively on what worked. He outwitted Britain’s establishment by combining a brilliantly simple slogan — “Take back control” — with shameless lies about the European Union, the National Health Service and the danger that Turks could soon emigrate to Britain en masse, all backed up by a huge and hidden microtargeted social media campaign. Every element was designed to have a powerful, visceral appeal.

Mr. Cummings proved that stories and lies, allied to strategic cunning, conviction, secrecy, ruthlessness and upending convention, could be much more appealing than reason and fact.

I think Cummings is portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch in last year's movie: "Brexit - The Uncivil War."