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Posted By: Steve Shaw
07-Sep-19 - 07:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit 'Take Back Control' D Cummings
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit 'Take Back Control' D Cummings
Whilst I appreciate your efforts to understand leavers, DMcG (and, dammit, I've tried...), I do things like listen to Question Time and Any Answers (did you listen to today's, fer chrissake...), and attend to the cheap telly vox pops that the Beeb indulges in, and I'm afraid that there's no other conclusion to be reached than that the huge majority of leave voters are uninformed, quite likely racist and, at best, have an extremely superficial understanding of our politics. They are thereby suckered in by the likes of the Sun, Mail and Express and, by dint of their ignorance, are easy meat for right-wing populism. To me, that's how it is, and it goes a bloody long way towards explaining why the Tories, after everything, are still ahead in the polls...