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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
08-Sep-19 - 06:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit 'Take Back Control' D Cummings
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit 'Take Back Control' D Cummings
1. Control immigration
2. Not be bound to EU laws
3. Not be controlled by unelected beurocrats
4. Not pay into Europe
5. The EU is corrupt and inefficient

When I point out that 1, we do control immigration, 2, we help to create and approve those laws and 3, we elect the EU parliament, I am met with, at best, silence or, at worse, abuse. Point 4 could be valid. We do pay more in than we take out financially but I believe the non monetary benefits outweigh that. Point 5 may be true but we stand no chance of changing that if we leave and will still have to deal with them. I have not, to date, had any response to my last 2 points.

Some of my closest friends are leavers. I know they are not stupid. I do believe however that they have been conned by masters at the game. No shame in that. Those masters are still at it. They have no response to the predictions of dire consequences so it is all labelled project fear. They cannot address the genuine fears of remainers so they label them traitors and rebels. So, full circle, back to "Mr. Cummings proved that stories and lies, allied to strategic cunning, conviction, secrecy, ruthlessness and upending convention, could be much more appealing than reason and fact." Sad but true.

Just once more. (point 1) We do not have control of immigration (from EU) freedom of movements prevents this.

(point 2) Self-explanatory

(Point 3) The bureaucrats in the EU who are unelected, are the only ones permitted to put forward new legislation. It doesn't really matter if we get the option to put a minority vote against them. We cannot put forward new legislation, and any suggested legislation which does not fit the mindset of the EU just doesn't get put forward.

(point 4) again, self-explanatory. We are one of the few countries making a positive financial contribution to the EU.

(point 5) The EU has failed to get its budget 'signed off' by auditors in many years. A business with that record would not be permitted to trade.