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Posted By: Jim Carroll
09-Sep-19 - 03:03 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit 'Take Back Control' D Cummings
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit 'Take Back Control' D Cummings
NIgel's claims seem to have dropped the actual benifits on fisheries and farming they once did - they are now almost entirely based on unproven and largely unmeritd negative claims

"EU" laws are rules agreed mutually by by members of any organisation - they are not laws and they are changeable by those members
They are not made by faceless beurocrats, they are devised and agreed on by the members for the benefit of their own states
Britan has its own version of Rules and regulations for exactly the same reason
"nelected bureaucrats" - everything we doo is governed by rules made by "unelected bureaucrats" - safety, trade, working conditions.....
This is amorphously meaningless
You pay of the upkeep of everything you join - we are at present being asked to pay for Trump's Wall - if we refuse he will refuse to trade with us
Unsubstantiated corruption and efficianecy is a nonsensical suggestuion
C and I exists everywhere in and out of Europe - from our parliament to the overuse of the plastics which is helping destroy our planet
Within an organisation lke Europe it is possible to expose and control these thisngs - outside it is not
These are absolutely pathetic excuses and justifications grabbed from the ait=r, not reasoned out arguments

That immigration should be at the top of your list says everything that needs to be said about Brexit
Immigration in no way contributes to the problems of the UK and it has bnever nbeen claimed other than by fundamentalists of the like of the NF, the BNP and Ukip, that it has
There are no faxcts and figures behind this disgusting claim, on the contrary, the establishment itself has produced arguments of the beneficial aspects of emigration
One of the facts that has emerged during Brexit is that our science and medicine =industries will be be severely hit if scientists from abroad are not allowed to work freely in Britain
Britain is one of the leading nations to create the conditions which have caused the need of foreigners to leave home
We have financed, armed, and politically supported despots in countries like Saudi Arabia, Syria, and other parts of the Middle East and Africa
We are part of the demand for oil that is a major contributor to the conflicts that are creating mass immigration and refugeeism
We fill our shops with goods produced under slave-like conditions - we are a part of a new, international slave-trade that has brought about an economic migration of massive proportions
It is inhuman and totally immoral to suggest we should not be part of something we are feeding and have come to rely on
But thank you for confirming that this is totally based on keeping people out
Jim Carroll