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Posted By: Helen
09-Sep-19 - 05:41 AM
Thread Name: Looking to ID an Irish tune
Subject: RE: Looking to ID an Irish tune
Ok, I'm going to go out on a limb and make a guess here that there is no specific title for the tune.

a) The track listing for Anthony Davis: Perfect Timing CD Track Listing shows mostly tune types and not many specific tune names, and also the specific tune names are identified as "Trad" but there is no identifying information for the other tracks. The non-specific tune names are plural, "reels", "slip jigs", "hornpipes" etc so I think it is safe to assume that the tunes are a generic example of a type of tune:

    Anthony Davis - 01. Reels @ 113 (03:39)
    Anthony Davis - 02. Slip Jigs @ 113 (02:54)
    Anthony Davis - 03. Heavy Jigs @ 113 (03:47)
    Anthony Davis - 04. Hornpipes @ 113 (04:52)
    Anthony Davis - 05. Reels @ 113 (03:40)
    Anthony Davis - 06. Slip Jigs @ 113 (02:55)
    Anthony Davis - 07. Heavy Jigs @ 113 (03:47)
    Anthony Davis - 08. Hornpipes @ 113 (04:53)
    Anthony Davis - 09. Light Jigs @ 115 (03:36)
    Anthony Davis - 10. Beginners Reels (02:16)
    Anthony Davis - 11. Single Jigs (Hop) (03:17)
    Anthony Davis - 12. St. Patrick's Day (Trad) (00:59)
    Anthony Davis - 13. The Blackbird (Trad) (01:10)
    Anthony Davis - 14. Job of Journeywork (Trad) (01:12)
    Anthony Davis - 15. Garden of Daisies (Trad) (01:16)
    Anthony Davis - 16. King Of The Fairies (Trad) (01:21)
    Anthony Davis - 17. Reels @ 113 (03:23)

b) Also, a quick skimming of the comments on the video page shows a lot of people asking the name of the tune but getting no reply, and a couple of comments about Irish dancing, so, given the name of the CD/album is "Perfect Timing" I am guessing that Anthony Davis has compiled an album which has a number of tunes played in perfect timing to make it easier for the dancers. I know from what some musicians have told me, that dancers must have the tunes played in perfect timing otherwise it makes it very difficult to predict where the tune is going and to dance in correct time to the tune.

If you want to know if there is a specific tune name for the Hornpipe then you may be able to contact Anthony Davis.

I'm happy to be proven wrong. I'm just putting a few bits of information together and proposing a hypothesis.