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Posted By: Kingwood Kowboy
09-Sep-19 - 12:20 PM
Thread Name: Songs of the Kingwood Kowboy
Subject: RE: Great Truckin' Songs!
Eighteen Wheels At Midnight (Larry W. Jones 11/24/2006) (song#4178)

The town I’m from is so doggone little
Only had one caution light in the middle
At night I’d go down and whittle the time away
I’d listen to the horn from an eighteen wheeler
That old highway called and I could feel ‘er
I’d dream of eighteen wheels at midnight
Rolling on that road lookin’ for the light of day

I grew up like a lonesome pup
Flew around in my pickup truck
Tryin’ to escape from that little town of mine
Can’t say it didn’t treat me right
But I dreamed of eighteen wheels at midnight
Every time I heard a big ‘ol diesel whine

I put my dreams on that white dotted line
And I plotted how to escape that little town
But somehow my dreams all let me down
Cause I’m still here just wasting time

Why I stayed, well it’s hard to say
Life in a little town ain’t too harried
Things came along, got in the way
Like kids ‘n mortgage, bein’ married
I still fly around in my pickup truck
Payin’ bills when the money’s tight
Well, I guess I just ran out of luck
Dreamin’ of eighteen wheels at midnight

Kingwood Kowboy