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Posted By: Kingwood Kowboy
09-Sep-19 - 12:44 PM
Thread Name: Songs of the Kingwood Kowboy
Subject: RE: Great Truckin' Songs!
Big Rig Daddy (Larry W. Jones 07/05/2009) (song#5962)

My darlin’ asked, dear, do you really have to go
Sounded like a broke record on the radio
I said my truck note was due and we need the dough

My rig takes a beatin’ every time I leave town
It’s pedal to the metal with the hammer down
I’m just a big rig daddy and I don’t drive slow

Now, a ten lane interstate is a trucker’s life
But then, a-waitin’ back home is his darlin’ wife
Up ahead a slow driver’s gettin’ in my way

Now, I should-a took a job with a white collar
Then I could-a had a job payin’ top dollar
I’ll be a big rig daddy til my dyin’ day

Well, my darlin’ asked me when I was gonna quit
I said I’m still payin’ for that big rig permit
I’m just a big rig daddy’s all I had to say

By day, number two diesel’s flowin’ in my blood
At night I open up another ice cold Bud
Yeah, I’m a big rig daddy

Big rig daddy
A big rig daddy drivin’ through the rain and mud

Kingwood Kowboy