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Posted By: TheRamblinReilly
09-Sep-19 - 03:58 PM
Thread Name: Looking to ID an Irish tune
Subject: RE: Looking to ID an Irish tune
Modette; While it would appear that you believe yourself to be the only one who's heard or can judge what good Irish music is while the rest of us musical peasants look towards individuals like you for guidance, I can assure you that isnt the case. My father is a first generation Irish immigrant and having attended many an Irish wedding and festivity, I've heard alot of GOOD Irish music myself, and I surely "get Irish music".

While I will concede that this tune isn't a masterpiece worthy of the highest accolades, it is a nice little tune that's got a cute and happy feeling if you play it at 1.5 speed.
It is my opinion that a musical piece has done it's job when it has conveyed an emotion or message to it's listener, and for me it has done so without need for flare or fancy. If for you it has not, that is very well fine, but I ask that you evaluate for what the purpose you listen to music be, and take your negativity elsewhere. Have a good day :)

To everyone else in this thread; Helen, Nick, and gillymor, Thank you very much for the resources you've so kindly provided. I will make an attempt to contact the composer and see if I can acquire an original sheet, and should I be successful, I will be posting it here (with permission of course) for the sake of completeness.