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Posted By: Jim Carroll
10-Sep-19 - 03:53 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit 'Take Back Control' D Cummings
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit 'Take Back Control' D Cummings
"I believe Boris is a cult. At least that's how I think you spell it..."
Seriously Dave - I'm afraid he is not
Johnson is now a part of the 'populist' mob who hold the key to success being used by politicians to overstep democracy (of sorts) by directly appealing to genuine fears and built in prejudices of the electorate
It hasn't been too successful since it was used to seize power in pre-war Germany, but the Brexit referendum reintroduced it into 'Free-World' politics bigtime - Trump came close on its heels and neo-fascist groups are using it all over Europe now to gain power and a degree of popular acceptance
We had a classic example of it here in Ireland when, in the Presidential election, a totally unknown (and very disgusting) Peter Casey deliberately targeted Travellers and leapt from nowhere to second place effortlessly

It would be a fatal mistake to put Johnson down as merely the talentless buffoon he obviously is - he is far more (less) than that - any moron ruthless enough to appeal to the people with a mob-message now has a major route to power

The really worrying aspect of all this is that when Powell made his 'Rivers of Blood' speech he was so much of an embarrassment to British politics that he was dropped like a lump of warm shit - now, the same message has given us Brexit
Johnson has been absorbed into the British political system and, in a matter of weeks has all but destroyed that system completely, and democracy along with it
Laughing and deriding Johnson is missing the point - that's what the bastard wants - he's a ****** showman

I'm afraid I feel the same about describing the electorate as stupid and gullible - they are most certainly not
They are people trying to survive in a rapidly deteriorating political situation, a major effect of which is a massively widening gap between haves and have nots
The facts of what is really happening, and why, is being deliberately withheld by the establishment and the lap-dog press
The referendum was typical of the dishonesty and distortion of what we are given in order for them to make decisions
We vote on what information we have at hand - if that information is incomplete or agenda-ised the decisions we make reflect that adversely
The people didn't vote for losing industries or threatened shortages or loss of jobs, or at least 20 years uncertainty for us and our children, but that's what we got
Please stop blaming that on the stupidity of the voters - that only plays into the bastard's hands
Jim Carroll