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Posted By: Jim Carroll
11-Sep-19 - 03:12 AM
Thread Name: BS: Trump asked to 'liberate ' Hong Kong
Subject: RE: BS: Trump asked to 'liberate ' Hong Kong
"I'm pretty sure that the red elites of the PRC could teach Trump and his ilk a few trenchant lessons in corruption"
It seems to me that sort of 'whataboutism' is precisely what Trump needs to win the next election Robo
All political systems have their villains - not many have dropped atom bombs on civilians and spent 14 years pouring burning petrol on peasants because they are "reds"
It's the ideals behind the politics that count, not the bits that go wrong
It's about time we moved away from Cold-War rhetoric and sloganising

Hong Kong is part of the Chinese system by treaty now - that is the present reality
Trying to make it part of America seems to me a leap from frying pan into fire
Rather ran arguing the relative merits of both, how about taking a long-hard look at the side you (theoretically) have a say in and putting things right in your own back yard
Personally I see Trump's US every bit as terrifying as the Chinese crowd or the gangsters running 'Free Russia' - each one of them individually pose a far greater world threat than did teh old Soviet Union -
Jim Carroll