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Posted By: DaveRo
11-Sep-19 - 03:14 AM
Thread Name: Amplifiers?
Subject: RE: BS: Amplifiers?
A 'power' amplifier is the bit that produces the power to drive the speakers. If you only listened with headphones you wouldn't need one. Most amplifiers are 'integrated' - pre- and power-amps in one box. You can buy them separately if you have a lot of money and have unusual speaker requirements.

MM means 'moving magnet' which is a type of magnetic cartridge (another being MC - moving coil - do those still exist?) Mag cartridges output a smaller signal than tuners, CD players (and cheaper ceramic cartridges - if they still exist), and require 'equalising', so you need a pre-preamp to do that. Some amps have this built in, some not.

When I last replaced my amp, more than 10 years ago (the 3rd in 40 years) I had a record deck. I bought a 'budget' NAD C316 amp (based on reviews) and a higher-spec NAD PP2 'phono pre-amp'. (I don't know why 'phono' - that usually mean a type of plug. Phonograph?) Both are still sold. I no longer have the deck or the phono pre-amp.

The other day it failed for the first time (no sound) so I looked at possible replacements. I see that DACs (Digital to Analogue Converters) are now built in to some amplifiers, so you can have digital inputs. I don't have any use for that now but wondered if it would be useful in future, and for what? But I came to no conclusion and fixed the amp (dirt in the headphone socket.)

Inside, the NAD amp seemed well built. I easily found a maintenance manual and spares were still available. The only problem is mechanical hum from the transformer, which started after I'd had it several years.