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Posted By: keberoxu
11-Sep-19 - 02:32 PM
Thread Name: Frank Petersohn (what does ingeb mean?)
Subject: RE: Frank Petersohn (what does ingeb mean?)
Well, I just made a quick-and-dirty attempt to answer my own question
from the previous post,
naturally with a GOOGLE search.

Still don't have an answer,
but I did find something really amusing.

This comes from a German website, and was written
before Petersohn's death;
the Google search permits me to use Google Translate so as to understand
what the German-language comment actually says.

Here's the original German.
Hubert Feyerabend's opinion of Frank Petersohn's webpages

rough English translation:
Well, about the website "www dot ingeb dot org" I would rather not submit the address without my own comments.
It is the work of Frank Petersohn, an American of German origin.
He collects the lyrics of German folk songs, of which
he displays some several thousands.
It's really a treasure trove already.

Leider -- unfortunately -- his definition of "Volkslied"
is anything that is older than he is
(about sixty years of age)
that eventually was sung and passed on by the people
(im Volk gesungen wurde).

Included in [Petersohn's] collection, unfortunately, is
a great load of weird stuff
(eine Menge schräges Zeug)
dating between 1933 and 1945.

[Aha, National Sozialismus ...]

From experience, little would result from
sending letters of protest to Mr. Petersohn;
so one should carefully avoid this crap (diesen Mist).
That is the only way to avoid surprises (Überraschungen).
Otherwise, click here on 'ingeb dot org' !