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Posted By: Backwoodsman
12-Sep-19 - 07:10 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit 'Take Back Control' D Cummings
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit 'Take Back Control' D Cummings
”Hi guys, just for reference, is there a policy on this thread just to ignore the troll mouthpiece? Pity this forum does not have a block/ignore feature by which its posts won't show up under our log ins. Maybe something for the tech experts to look at?”

Yes SPB, there is - it's set out in ‘FAQ’ under ‘Etiquette and Advice - Dealing with Flamers and Trolls’...I’m not c&p-ing it here as it's fairly lengthy, but it’s easy to look up.

Also, we’re not supposed to discuss each other, or a thread of itself.

Most of us have adopted a policy of ignoring the resident troll, it’s a pity the remaining two or three who steadfastly continue to invite his nonsense don’t do the same.