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Posted By: peteaberdeen
14-Sep-19 - 04:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit 'Take Back Control' D Cummings
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit 'Take Back Control' D Cummings
since WW2 there has been a general consensus in the west to unite, to make treaties and attempt to keep the peace and keep the trade flowing, for growth and prosperity - for the already wealthy, obviously. this capitalist version of 'progress' allows obscenities like grinding poverty in the south, like the proxy wars we fight in poor countries, like the gross exploitation in poor countries to provide us with the shit we feel we need to validate our existence. and of course w must spend countless trillions of dollars on weapons of war and expand the reach of the (mostly us) military. we spend far more weapons than we need to solve all the problems of health, education and security for everyone on the planet. (this is all one with the climate emergency we now face as the above has moved on to a destruction of the planet led by crazed neo liberal and fascist leaders but that is probably an argument for another thread)

my old man read the daily mail for maybe 75 years til he died at 93 a couple of years back. it rotted his mind. he used to cut pictures out of, say diane abbott getting out of a car, cherie blair looking a mess or harriet harman stealing our taxes to show us. he couldn't understand why we weren't impressed, as all his family were of a far more positive/feminist/green/left mindset. anyway, like many of us he was completely sucked into this adversarial, PMQs interpretation of politics where a politician's appearance meant everything - all explained for him through the lens of the daily mail. he was an old soldier who never fought in the war but kept an abiding distrust of foreigners and was an instinctive brexiteer. of course, he voted to leave though lied to his family about where none of his 6 grandkids had any time for that shit as they are surrounded by friends and partners from many parts of the world. they are also aware of the importance of unity and peace and the environment as the only really important things in these dangerous times. 'our house is on fire but most of us aren't bothered' - someone else will fix it.

(to attempt to return to the point) here in the uk the european question has split the tories since thatcher times. occasionally grubby little fascists like farage and various bnp/edl/nationalist groups try to divide us and make the situation worse. cameron's crime (and blair too as Iain says above) was to fail to deal with these depressing messages from the far right other than by trying to appease them with a referendum. our politicians have consistently apologised for immigration rather than celebrated it; they have supported war rather than fought for peace; they have been intensely comfortable with the very wealthy rather than pursue equality; they have messed about (eg PFI) with our precious public services and are now actively trashing them. to add insult to injury when the banks crashed they were bailed out with public money. by - ffs- a labour government.

we are where we are now - in a mess. and really the petty squabbles about brexit - whose fault it is? - are really silly and the sort of thing that would have exercised my dad if he wasn't reading about the vegetables on corbyn's allotment or whether megan markle was killing the royal family. my opinion is that our faults on a larger scale i went on about above are what has caused brexit - that and our leaders complete failure to offer a more positive vision for our country and the planet.

while we can all see that johnson/corbyn/trump/gove is a dick. does it really matter? (though mogg/IDS/farage are on a different level of hideousness altogether) - shouldn't we be looking away from this horror show to a more interesting, hopeful and colourful future. (with greta thunberg, caroline lucas, chris packham, alexandria orcasia-cortez, naomi klein etc) it's going to be a hard fight but we may have a chance if us old gits could manage to die off before we have finished our job of trashing the planet entirely.

sorry for going on - i just woke up this morning read some naomi klein and thought - i've been getting really bored and pissed off with the whole brexit thing but it doesn't really matter much - far more important to look at the poverty in this country and everywhere and fight climate change - green new deal is the only way, innit?

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