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Posted By: DaveRo
14-Sep-19 - 04:45 AM
Thread Name: Amplifiers?
Subject: RE: Amplifiers?
punkfolkrocker wrote: For a while turntable inputs were dropped as obsolete, so folks needed to buy separate preamps.
But now vinyl sales are increasing again, they may be becoming included in amps again..
Yes, I see that my NAD 316BEE amplifier was updated to V2 in 2018(?) with the addition of a phono preamp.
Bonzo3legs wrote: Don't forget that once we are no longer 25 but 70+, anything above 12k is gone for good... Oddly enough we use a NAD 3020i !
But even us oldies will certainly notice (mechinical) mains hum. When researching the cause of it on my 316 I found many posts about 3020s with the same problem. I think all amps can suffer from it - I wouldn't buy an old one without hearing it first.

My earlier amp - an A&R A60 - died when the volume pots wore out. One advantage of newer designs - like the 316 - is a remote.