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Posted By: GUEST,Observer
16-Sep-19 - 04:51 AM
Thread Name: Brexit and music
Subject: RE: Brexit and music
Very simple message for David Knopfler.

"Ah Diddums, never mind pet, your probably better off stayin' at home."

Why this man's views should overturn a democratically arrived at decision God alone knows, nobody posting to this forum can come up with an argument to convince me otherwise. However no matter what the anti-Brexit crowd rant on about, the simple truth is that it is not Brexit that they are destroying - it's democracy in the UK along with faith and belief in our system of government.

David Knopfler is totally wrong about Cameron, the Conservative Party have rubbed along having the ERG in existence since 1993 - concerns over Maastricht brought it into existence [I have been anti-EU ever since then - the Leave campaign in 2015/16 did absolutely nothing to influence my opinion of the EU]. They accounted for roughly 6% of the Party - I think it was UKIP's success in the 2014 EU Parliamentary Elections that put Cameron's feet to the fire, just as it is now the Brexit Party applying pressure to Boris. There has not been one single Prime Minister, or Government, in this country that hasn't lied about and misrepresented the European Project to the people of the United Kingdom since the days of Harold Macmillan. The EU is a slow motion train wreck that the electorate of not one of it's net-contributor member states think will still be in existence in 20 years time.

Fact remains musicians, performers, bands, etc, etc, will still continue to tour. They will all try to get the USA gig and break into that market as that is where the money is.