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Posted By: Gurney
18-Sep-19 - 06:06 PM
Thread Name: Amplifiers?
Subject: RE: Amplifiers?
Yes, Sage, and a lot of good sense there. I even contributed to the thread, extolling equipment that has since malfunctioned and can't be repaired because of parts unavailability.

I can play CDs by connecting a lap-top to the TV, and LPs by connecting the small cheap Optimus turntable to the computer, and we have radios, BUT I WANT A STEREO.

Looks as if I may have to pay ridiculous money, though. The amps on our version of Ebay, Trademe, are going for about half the new price for 6-8yo items, and new tuners are a daft price anyway, considering that they play through the amp.
Absolutely nothing in the Opportunity Shops/Thrift Shops here.