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Posted By: Steve Gardham
19-Sep-19 - 01:15 PM
Thread Name: Mrs. McGraw - origins
Subject: RE: Mrs. McGraw - origins
Here is the c1845 version sung in the Adelphi, London, for comparison.

The Widow M'Gra.

If ye'll listen to me now, without any fun,
Sure I'll tell ye how the war begun;
But of all the wars, both great and wild,
There was that betune widow M'Gra and her child!
Musha tooral loo, &c.

Now if Teddy would list, the serjeant said,
That soon a captain he'd be made;
With a fine long soord, and a big cocked hat,
Arrah! teddy, my child, wouldn't you like that?

Then teddy he fought his way through Spain,
And to the Indies back again--
And the hundreds and thousands that he kilt,
Sure a mortial volume might be filt!

Then Widow M'Gra waited on the shore,
For the space of seven long years and more--
Till she saw two ships sailing over the say,
Crying, Phililu, hubbaboo, whack clear the way!

Then Teddy he lighted on the strand,
And Widow M'Gra seized him by the hand;
But after she had given him a kiss or two,
Sez she, Teddy, my child, this can't be you!

Arrah! my son Teddy was straight and trim,
And had just one leg to every limb;
Arrah! my son Teddy was straight and tall,
But the divil recave the leg have ye got at all!

Oh! why weren't ye cunning, and why weren't ye cute?
And why didn't ye run away from the Frenchman's shoot?
To think that I my child should call
A man who couldn't stop the force of a French cannon ball!

But a thundering war I will proclaim
Against the King of the Frinch and the snuffy ould Queen of Spain:
And I'll make them sorely to rue the time,
That ever they shot off the legs of a child of mine!

Sung by Mr. Johnstone.