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Posted By: Jim Carroll
19-Sep-19 - 01:34 PM
Thread Name: Mrs. McGraw - origins
Subject: RE: Mrs. McGraw - origins
Meaning what exactly Steve ?
Stage songs, like printed versions are meaningless unless you can show thm to be originals, which in fact, you have already accepted you can't
Your added example looks very much that somebody might well have re-made and padded out from a shorter, much more succinct traditional composition, as has obviously happened to other printed versions of orally made songs
I'va always sispected fro instance that the oral versions of The Blind Beggar are far mor authentic than the totally unsingable epic mess given in The Reliques

You've already underscored the point about its satirical intention by indicating that The Irish Volunteers sang the song (or didn't you realise they were James Connolly's Citizens Army who fought and died in the GPO?)

The Irish I know have become very tired of being 'educated' about their best interest by the English
This seems to have extended into understanding their own songs
You really can't respond to the points I made by dragging up origin-unprovable songs no matter how many referees you come up with
Too late to ask Mr Johnson what he thinks about it, I suppose
Jim Carroll