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Posted By: Lighter
21-Sep-19 - 12:12 PM
Thread Name: Mrs. McGraw - origins
Subject: RE: Mrs. McGraw - origins
It's hard for me to interpret these words as ameant to be anything other than ludicrous (doubly so if associated, like O Lochlainn's version) with a rollicking tune:

If ye'll listen to me now, without any fun,
Sure I'll tell ye how the war begun;
But of all the wars, both great and wild,
There was that betune widow M'Gra and her child!
Musha tooral loo, &c.

Then teddy he fought his way through Spain,
And to the Indies back again--
And the hundreds and thousands that he kilt,
Sure a mortial volume might be filt!

Crying, Phililu, hubbaboo, whack clear the way!

And had just one leg to every limb;

To think that I my child should call
A man who couldn't stop the force of a French cannon ball!

But a thundering war I will proclaim
Against the King of the Frinch and the snuffy ould Queen of Spain.

In other words, roughly one-half the song.