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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
22-Sep-19 - 03:56 AM
Thread Name: Which musician?
Subject: RE: Which musician?
Dumb question....? I'm not so sure. Its quite profound.

Most of the contributors to the thread have played enough music or have been close enough to great musicians to grasp how profoundly isolating being an artist is. Being a great artist is all that in spades.

The guy who said - I would need my brain re-wired is SO close to the truth.

Just recently I read rhe biography of John Williams, the guitarist. Its a smashing book. The weird and wonderful man who was John's father occupies 80% of the book, the rest is a recital of the various projects John has committed to and the good causes he supports.

Apparently Williams has always fought shy of having a biography, but he gave his cooperation to this guy. But for all the background information - the centre of this storm - remains an enigma - completely unknowable.

There is a slight clue with the review of John's Wigmore Hall debut. Segovia famously wrote fote for the programme notes - God has laid a finger on this young man's brow. To whickh Len (John's Dad) rejoinded God would have got more resonse from John by kicking him up the arse.