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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
22-Sep-19 - 11:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: Greyhound at full speed
Subject: RE: BS: Greyhound at full speed
So yesterday I went over to the city shelter during their no-fee adoption event and brought home a 4-month old boxer/pit mix pup. The lab is fine with her, the blue heeler is jealous when they are competing for my attention, but out in the yard they race around together.

I looked at the adult pitbulls, but as they get older they have more set opinions about other dogs. My first dog was a pit and introducing other dogs into her environment when she was a big pup was great - she loved other dogs and they played well together. At the shelter they have red zone dogs they adopt (personally I think that is a mistake - those dogs are dangerous to people and should be destroyed - very few people are Cesar Millan with his skills in working with those dangerous dogs) and they mark them with varying degrees of friendliness. Some love people but not dogs (orange), some are selective in which dogs they don't like (also orange, with a yellow dot added). The "green dot" dogs are the ones determined to be friendly all around and are allowed to go out into the larger kennel areas in groups. This pup has a green dot.

Her first few minutes in the house were spent as expected, and especially with a pup, they seem to instinctively know to stand still or roll over and just let the others smell everything they need to. Butt, ears, and interestingly but not unexpectedly, when she rolled over, both dogs carefully examined her shaved belly where she had been spayed three weeks ago.

She's needy right now and she climbs on everything. I've managed to trim three nails so far. She's figured out the dog door (flap) and we're working on the sit before meal time. Her first vet visit is paid for by the city, and her name will be set in stone at that time. I shared a photo and asked my grown children if they wanted naming rights and my daughter popped up quickly with "Biscuit." Her brother concurred. (I tend to name them with food names -- Cinnamon Sugar, Poppy Seed, and the current Pepper). When they were kids they discovered the power of naming an animal and I discovered that when they name them they're much more welcoming of the animal. My son named our cat Clementine (she was a tiny little thing, like the tangerines) and my daughter was indignant that I accepted it immediately, so she was strategic in shouting out a name for the new pitbull - she suggested Cinnamon Sugar for the red-nosed brown and white Am Staff Terrier. Her brother didn't protest because that's his favorite breakfast, cinnamon sugar on toast. :-) Smart girl! I named Pepper, but asked for input on this new one. It looks like Biscuit will work (though right now I seem to be shouting "Puppy" out the back door to bring her running.)