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Posted By: kytrad (Jean Ritchie)
18-Feb-01 - 04:39 PM
Thread Name: Dulcimer to be Kentucky State Instrument
Subject: RE: Dulcimer to be Kentucky State Instrument
Mary, all my pants (trousers, for you Brits) have elastic waistbands these days- that comes with aging too,no doubt. T in OK, us mountaineers(hillbillys?) are proud of the Bluegrass- and the way I feel- Kentucky is Kentucky, in all its parts...don't get me goin !

Banjer, I'm crushed- I envisioned a steward presenting a silver salvar at my stateroom, with all my email letters printed out for me! Envisioned further that I would not be able to waste all that time every day combing the Mudcat threads... My guess is that the deck chair is going to be MORE tempting, and those sightseeing side trips, if/when I'm not too lazy.

Mary, thanks for the Kentucky site- I NEVER knew that we had a State Fossil- the brachiopod??? Have you seen the Hazard, KY site? My town (7 miles from Viper)- it has zillions of old photos, lots of fun. Thanks, all, for your good wishes. We leave tomorrow for Florida, so now I'm really going. Bye again, Jean