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Posted By: GUEST,Jim Knowledge
26-Sep-19 - 05:35 AM
Thread Name: Duos - Discriminated against again
Subject: RE: Discriminated against again
I `ad that Flora in my cab the other day. She was engrossed in something on one of these `ere smart phones, the ones you flick all the pictures around with your finger.
I said, "Morning Flo. Whatcha got there then? You checking on the `orse racing or something?"
She said, "No Jim. I`m reading the comments on a thread I started on that Mudcat about `ow many songs or tunes you get at a session. `ere, you`ve been at it for years. What do you think about it?"
I said, "Cor Blimey, they all get a bit precious about it , don`t they? But I do remember we played it to our advantage once. We were punting for gigs down in Sussex once so Tony, `is wife and two daughters and me and `er indoors went down this open mike night. We`d taught the others `ow to get noises out of spoons, Jaw`s `arps, tambourines and castanets. When we got there the bloke running it said, "`ow many?". We said six. `e gulped but gave us six consecutive numbers in each `alf. We `ogged the night got the booking, nice little earner!"

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