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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
30-Sep-19 - 08:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: Recipes - what are we eating?
Subject: RE: BS: Recipes - what are we eating?
I buy loose tea (my kitchen has a cart full of many varieties here) and use a stainless steel strainer over the lip of the cup I'm going to drink out of. Measure the proper amount then pour water just off the boil over it. I usually have a second cup, so I use the same tea plus a half-portion added to it for the second.

I've been drinking a Middle Eastern brand (Alwazah) that comes in various qualities, from tiny fragments to the larger leaf pieces. I used to drink an English tea (Yorkshire Gold) that was the tiny fragments and cost more than the Alwazah. Several years I took one of our student employees to lunch at a buffet restaurant affiliated with the Middle Eastern grocery store next door, and we walked through the store - she pointed at a can and said this was her mother's favorite. I picked up a can and she protested that I didn't need to buy it for that reason, but I trust that the mother in this Iraqi family has tried different teas and settled on a good one. I started researching the grades of teas, and it's quite fascinating. And that store is interesting; I was talking with a young man one day about a jar of loose tea from this company and I realized that as we handed it back and forth we each turned the side we could read to the front to make our point - so I used the English language side and he used the Arabic side. (I love this store for this very reason - people bond over food.)

I have a lot of Chinese teas, purchased at a very good tea and spice import store in Seattle's Pike Place Market. I've bought Chinese tea at a large Asian grocery in the city where I used to work, and I've bought other Indian teas at the Middle Eastern store. So much of the world drinks tea and they import and flavor it in different ways. Jasimine tea at the Asian market versus cardamom tea or Earl Grey from the Middle Eastern market (that is across the street from the Asian market). I love living in a multi-cultural community.

Earlier this year the Middle Eastern grocery switched suppliers and started bringing in a different type of tea, from Turkey. I tried it and it was awful - reading the package it says it has to brew for a really long time. I despaired getting my good tea anywhere else, but I think their tea-drinking customer base protested and the next time I was over they had all of my old favorites. And I poured that Turkish tea into the compost pile.