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Posted By: Mr Red
09-Oct-19 - 04:50 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Getting nails out of old wood
Subject: RE: Tech: Getting nails out of old wood
I like the wheeze of the flat metal, (old knife?). Cut a bean can and unroll, or why not the aluminium top. All it will do is make less of a mess of the wood, which if you are covering it again - who cares?

If you have to hammer them flat use the screwdriver as a punch (drift?) and place over the bit that you can sit the screwdriver on and hammer the other end. I also would use a (substantial) upside-down nail with a flat head because the head can cover the thin stub that can't be gripped and the nail head has more "pounds per square inch" than a hammer, less than screwdriver but won't slip off the spike. Hold with those pliers if necessary.

Good luck with your staple diet........... hope you nail it ..............

I'll get my Swish Army Knife (I use the pliers attachment on the Ceilidh floor staples at folk festivals, I am known for it).