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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
09-Oct-19 - 11:54 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Getting nails out of old wood
Subject: RE: Tech: Getting nails out of old wood
Got my garden kneeler, carpenters pincers, multi-tool and cutters. Going to have a go tomorrow.

Further to the saga, part of the kitchen used to be a scullery and in that section, the floor is concrete. For some inexplicable reason, the plywood was fastened down there with plugs and screws every 3 inches or so. The screw heads just ripped through the plywood of course and as they had had tile cement on them the slots were not available to unscrew them. They did, fortunately, pull out, plug and all, quite easily with the aid of a hefty claw hammer:-)I

Annoyingly, if they had used screws to fasten the plywood down in such a way everywhere, the plywood would not have flexed, the tiles would not have cracked and we would not now be renewing the floor covering. Ah well. C'est la vie as they say in Cleckheaton...